A desire to see everyone experience God's best.

Skybreak Church Pastors.

Pastor Danny Green

Pastor Danny is committed to equipping and empowering people to live balanced, successful, Christian lives. With over 36 years of ministry experience, his ability to present the message of Christ in a relevant and practical way has impacted countless lives. His passionate leadership challenges people to pursue integrity, reach outside our comfort zones to love others and meet their needs, and to live life in a way that honors God. Pastor Danny’s love for God is the tie that binds us all together and inspires us to be all that God calls us to be.

Pastor Danny’s strongest desire is to be an anchor and trustworthy hero to his wife and family.  He lives daily to see God’s kingdom flourish through the local church, and to make an eternal impact in the lives of everyone he meets.

Pastor Janet Green

Pastor Janet is focused on helping people identify with their calling and achieve it. Her creativeness, caring personality, and strong love for God has shaped her to be the wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and pastor she is. Her life reflects a specific desire to see value placed on women through the Women’s Ministry. She is perhaps most appreciated for her candid and precise ability to speak truth and provide uncanny insight into life issues.

Pastor Janet is a breast cancer survivor.  In 1997, she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. A few years later she was cancer free after multiple surgeries, Chemotherapy and much prayer.  However, in June 2010, the cancer returned, this time stage IV metastasis breast cancer.  She continues to survive and thrive as she wins this battle again, in Jesus’ name.

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